LUCA SZALMAS – Talking With Humans Podcast #5

  This week I catch up with my fiance’, and fellow creative professional, Luca Szalmas. We have a few drinks and discuss freelancing, art, and life.(Sorry about the audio quality of the video, it’s fixed in the audio only version) Luca’s work can be seen at Talking With Humans is hosted by Hendrikus DeContinue reading “LUCA SZALMAS – Talking With Humans Podcast #5”

MICHAEL FENTON – Talking With Humans Podcast #2

Michael Fenton is a scientist, a teacher, a teacher of teachers, and a very active member of the education community in New Zealand. This week we talk primarily about the state of education in NZ today, and the trajectory for the future. For more info on Michael: Talking With Humans is hostedContinue reading “MICHAEL FENTON – Talking With Humans Podcast #2”

BRIAN NORTON – Talking With Humans Podcast #1

Brian Norton is an apprenticeship mentor at ETCO, a musician, a surfer, and all around nice guy. For more info on Brian, you can find him on instagram @finrahzel and spotify: As this is the first TWH episode, it may not be available on all platforms yet. Distribution roll out is still in progress.Continue reading “BRIAN NORTON – Talking With Humans Podcast #1”

Making bold music choices for videos (Bull Sale 2019)

Context: I’ve always found this such a quintessential staple of rural life growing up in Ratapiko. The Blackwell family always put on a great day, with great hospitality. I had badly put my back out the day before, and could barely drive my car to the event, but I wanted to film it, so IContinue reading “Making bold music choices for videos (Bull Sale 2019)”

THROWBACK THURSDAY: “BlinkLink” – Commercial 2015

This week’s TT is a cautionary tale of overreaching. I had been offered to do a commercial on a budget under $500 usd while living in Budapest. Hungry for work I accepted, and subsequently spent a month shooting and post producing a commercial I never had the budget to pull off. It fell well shortContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: “BlinkLink” – Commercial 2015″


Released on my 25th birthday, this was my biggest project I’d ever tackled. I’d done very little animation before I started on this, and spent the subsequent two and a half years putting together this four minute stop motion animated film. Although I’d never do it again, this film holds a strong place in myContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: “DISAPPEAR” – short film”

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Explainer Video for “WhoAPI” (plus a bonus video)

I’ve done a lot explainer videos over the years, although I stopped doing them after the margins got impossibly tight. It was no longer profitable to make them from scratch, and I didn’t want to spend my weeks kit-bashing asset packs and presets. The WhoAPI video was one of the last ones I did. IContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: Explainer Video for “WhoAPI” (plus a bonus video)”

MUSIC VIDEO “Fin Rah Zel”: how to light on no budget, and my thoughts on the a6400.

Having been out of the industry for some time, I needed a small project to re-calibrate myself, and get a better connection with my new camera. This video was done on essentially zero budget. Shot completely handheld, and lit with some basic household tungsten bulbs. In terms of light modifiers, I had a $2 chinaContinue reading “MUSIC VIDEO “Fin Rah Zel”: how to light on no budget, and my thoughts on the a6400.”

THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Budapest Pride Parade” – 2015

I remember the first year I lived in Budapest I woke up one morning and looked out my window. I lived on the busiest intersection in the city, but on this particular morning the streets were deserted. Thirty minutes later police turned up by the dozen wearing full riot gear. I had no idea whatContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Budapest Pride Parade” – 2015″