DATA STORAGE & BACKUPS: strategies for Filmmakers & Photographers

“Data doesn’t really exist unless you have at least two copies of it.”

– Jack Schofield

I’ve both had a lot of people ask me about this, as well as seen a lot of hard to action information out there – so I wanted to create a guide that’s both easy to follow, but also gives enough context to empower people to make their own decisions to suit their own storage and backup needs.

This post exists as a supplement to the video below, and will include the backup tree graphics from the video as well as an itemised list for the recommended setup.

​​DATA STORAGE & BACKUPS: strategies for Filmmakers & Photographers

As per the video, my basic recommended setup which I feel would suit most photographers, small content creators, and other one-man-band type businesses is as follow (updated due to parts availability):

  1. 1x 2tb Samsung T5 usb-c SSD drive [working scratch drive]
  2. 1x OWC ThunderBay 4 RAID 5 4-Bay External Storage Enclosure
  3. 2x Seagate Exos 16tb drive
  4. FreeFileSync
  5. BackBlaze
Backup Tree for recommended setup
Backup Tree for alternative recommended setup

Specifics on exactly how to implement this are included in the video. This setup will put you well ahead of the curve, with one local backup, and one offsite backup – meaning your data exists in 3 places at once.

If you have any questions, consider joining the discussion in the comments section for this video over on YouTube.

For more info about Backblaze, take a look here:

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