I’ve been in and around film for about 13 years now, starting in make-up & spfx, then working in lighting, gripping, camera department, post production & acting. Over that time I’ve made over a dozen short films of my own, but my first big debut came in 2014.

I’d spent the previous 2&½ years in a garage singlehandedly making a stop motion animated short film, DISAPPEAR, between other industry work. I’ve experienced a lot of serendipity since then; I got to meet Danny Boyle, when I won the Young Filmmaker Award at Shuffle Festival. Then I had a private tour of Pixar during my Mill Valley Film Festival screening. Finally, I won a Silver Young Directors Award at Cannes Lions in 2015. Going from living on a farm in New Zealand, to meeting my some of my heroes in such a short space of time was really humbling. My film played in competition at the BFI too, but lost to an Oscar nominee (no shame in that, I figured).

In 2017-19 I took a break from filmmaking. I was so immersed in the film world I felt like I needed to take a step back, as I no longer felt like I had any stories to tell. As of the second half of 2019 I’m back in full swing. I’ve started vlogging and shooting substantially more content. I can’t stay away, filmmaking is my life.



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