Location LX grip combo van

The following are my standard commercial rates (open to negotiation for passion projects). Wet hire only.

standard commercial rates per 10h day, OT as per the blue book:
– Gaffer/grip: $950+gst plus gear p/d

Rates vary with job type. Secure parking must be provided for tech vehicles. Travel to and from base incl within 20km of One Tree Hill. Further travel at $0.83 per km, or by neg. Travel outside of Auck will incl a per diem of $80 p/d, and accom to be provided as an unshared hotel room with secure lockup for tech vehicle/s. Cancellations within 48 hours of shoot date charged at 50%.

– $1200+gst p/d

– Hiace Van (3.0T.D rwd)
lights (fully LED):
– Aputure ls1200d pro (1200w daylight LED M18 equivalent)
– Aputure ls600d pro (600w point source HMI replacement)
– Aputure ls600c pro (RGBWW 600w point source)
– Aputure f10 fresnel + brandoors
– Aputure Nova p300c (RGBWW 300w panel light)
– 2x Amaran PT4c pixel tubes (4′ RGBWW tube lights, w/ 1x egg crate)
– Aputure MT Pro 1 foot RGBWW pixel tube.
– 2x Aputure ls60x lights (bi-color dedolight style lensed point source)
– Aputure B7C 8 bulb kit (RGBWW E27 practical bulbs)
– 2x Aputure MC mini lights (RGBWW battery-powered credit-card-sized lights)
– 2x Aputure f21x 2×1′ flexible bicolor LED matt w/ softbox & grid
– Aputure Lantern 90cm (90cm china ball with bowens mount and skirts)
– ls60x Spotlight Mini Zoom projection mount (with iris and various gobos)
– ls60x 1×1 softbox with grid
daylight control:
– 2x modular frame corner set (8×8′ or 6×6′)
– 1x 6′ T-bar (180cm)
– 6×6′ rags: 1/4, 1/2 & full silent grid cloth, ultra bounce, bleached muslin, duvetyn black, silk.
– 8×8′ rags: 1/4 & 1/2 silent grid cloth
– 2x 36×36″ floppy
– 1x 36×30″ cutter
– 2x 24×36″ cutter
– 2x 36×36″ Diff frame with 1/2 diff (250) and 1/4 diff (251)
– 8x 24×36″ Open End Scrim (2x black single, 2x black double, white single, white double, silk, quarter silk)
– Poly boards w/silver side “GINSU(small, medium, large,T-800)
– Black Solids (duvetyne. 3x3m & 3x5m + scrap)
– Scrap unbleached muslin
– 1x 3 stage wind up stand (with wheels)
– 2x Kupo master cine combo stands
– 2x Kupo HD combo stands
– 1x Kupo baby combo stand
– 1x Kupo Junior boom stand (2.5m boom up to 8kg)
– 2x Avenger kit stands (baby pin)
– 5x Kupo 40″ turtle base C-stands with arms
– 1x Kupo 20″ turtle base C-stands with arm
– Autopole 210 – 370 cm
– Dana Dolly (75, 100, 150mm bowls. 1.5 & 2.5m tracks. 3x slider stands)
– HiHat (100/75mm bowl)
– Menace arm kit (up to 5m boom arm)
– overhead camera scaff rigging plate, heavy duty (can hold Alexa, pan tilt roll adjust)
– 4x Big Ben clamps
– 1x baby pin scaff clamp
– 1x straight scaff joiner
– Scaff/ Speedrail Alu 48.3mm (4x 2.5m, 2x 1.5m, 2x 0.9m)
– Scaff clamps: 4x 90°, 4x swivel, 4x girder clamps
– 2x Apple Box nesting sets (2x: full,1/2,1/4,pancake)
– 6x cardelinis (2x 3″ 2x 6″ 2x 9″)
– 1x super clamp
– 3x Jumbo grip head
– 1x center jaw jumbo grip head
– 2x 2 1/2″ grip head
– 2x Junior to baby pin (male to male)
– 3x Spigots
– 2x mini magic arms
– 4x tube light clips
– 2x tube light clips with 5/8 spiggots
– 2x tube light holders (one with magic arm)
– 3x magnetic tube light clips
– 1x poly board holder
– 1x Duck Bill clamp
– 2x nail on baby plates
– 4x safety wire
– 2x office drop ceiling scissor mounts (5/8 pin)
– Kupo boom arm clamp (c-stand boom arm converter)
– 2x ballerinas
– 12x 11kg sandbags
car rigging:
– 4x 6″ baby pin suction cups
– 10″ suction cup
– extra heavy duty ball head
– 4x 20m 10a tapon flatpin cables (1.5mm heavy duty)
– 4x 10m 10a tapon flatpin cables (1.5mm heavy duty)
– 2x 5m 10a tapon flatpin cable (1.5mm heavy duty)
– 1x 50m 10a tapon flatpin cable (2.5mm extra heavy duty)
– 2x weather resistant 10a inline RCDs
– Various multiboards, double plugs, RCDs, fuses.
– various 10a flatpin extension cables
– Antari HZ350 oil-based haze machine
– iPhone with SidusLink app for wireless lighting control (iPad also available)
– Tungsten and daylight LED fairy lights
– Misc rigging, spiggots, arms, ditty bag, gels, cine foil, tarpaulins, circuit testers, fuses, umbrellas, hogwire/ cello, mats, etc.
– 3x 148wh V-mount camera batteries + dual charger (for ls60x lights only)

I have a roster of LX assists, riggers, and other specialists (subject to availability). I also have a good relationship with rental vendors if additional equipment, distro, generators etc are needed at competitive prices.

And more kit being added day by day!

My van & LX crew on an AFS soundstage.