BRIAN NORTON – Talking With Humans Podcast #1

Brian Norton is an apprenticeship mentor at ETCO, a musician, a surfer, and all around nice guy. For more info on Brian, you can find him on instagram @finrahzel and spotify: As this is the first TWH episode, it may not be available on all platforms yet. Distribution roll out is still in progress.Continue reading “BRIAN NORTON – Talking With Humans Podcast #1”

Making bold music choices for videos (Bull Sale 2019)

Context: I’ve always found this such a quintessential staple of rural life growing up in Ratapiko. The Blackwell family always put on a great day, with great hospitality. I had badly put my back out the day before, and could barely drive my car to the event, but I wanted to film it, so IContinue reading “Making bold music choices for videos (Bull Sale 2019)”

THROWBACK THURSDAY: “BlinkLink” – Commercial 2015

This week’s TT is a cautionary tale of overreaching. I had been offered to do a commercial on a budget under $500 usd while living in Budapest. Hungry for work I accepted, and subsequently spent a month shooting and post producing a commercial I never had the budget to pull off. It fell well shortContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: “BlinkLink” – Commercial 2015″


Released on my 25th birthday, this was my biggest project I’d ever tackled. I’d done very little animation before I started on this, and spent the subsequent two and a half years putting together this four minute stop motion animated film. Although I’d never do it again, this film holds a strong place in myContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: “DISAPPEAR” – short film”

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Explainer Video for “WhoAPI” (plus a bonus video)

I’ve done a lot explainer videos over the years, although I stopped doing them after the margins got impossibly tight. It was no longer profitable to make them from scratch, and I didn’t want to spend my weeks kit-bashing asset packs and presets. The WhoAPI video was one of the last ones I did. IContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: Explainer Video for “WhoAPI” (plus a bonus video)”

MUSIC VIDEO “Fin Rah Zel”: how to light on no budget, and my thoughts on the a6400.

Having been out of the industry for some time, I needed a small project to re-calibrate myself, and get a better connection with my new camera. This video was done on essentially zero budget. Shot completely handheld, and lit with some basic household tungsten bulbs. In terms of light modifiers, I had a $2 chinaContinue reading “MUSIC VIDEO “Fin Rah Zel”: how to light on no budget, and my thoughts on the a6400.”

THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Budapest Pride Parade” – 2015

I remember the first year I lived in Budapest I woke up one morning and looked out my window. I lived on the busiest intersection in the city, but on this particular morning the streets were deserted. Thirty minutes later police turned up by the dozen wearing full riot gear. I had no idea whatContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Budapest Pride Parade” – 2015″

THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Rainbow” short film 2011

This was short film I made together with my family members as a means to introduce them to the process of film making. It was brainstormed, shot and edited in 24 hours. I think doing 24 hour short films is an excellent exercise. It’s like a scripted equivalent of vlogging almost. Very liberating. Shot onContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Rainbow” short film 2011″

THROWBACK THURSDAY: My first introductions to Stop Motion Animation

Back in 2009 I worked on a music video project “Turtle Pizza Cadillacs” by my friend Aleks Sakowski. After that I was really itching to do some stopmo of my own. It started with these little tests that I shot on a bookshelf in my 4 square meter room I was renting while I was studyingContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: My first introductions to Stop Motion Animation”

THROWBACK THURSDAY: “V1Z1” Teaser Trailer (2010)

Going back 9 years to when I got my first video DSLR. I shot this silly fake trailer with a bunch of friends. Lots of After Effects, and lots of fun! Shot on the Canon 550D / t2i, which in my opinion is the camera that democratized filmmaking. It was the first camera that anyoneContinue reading “THROWBACK THURSDAY: “V1Z1” Teaser Trailer (2010)”