I don’t typically do affiliate marketing, as I find it’s inherently biased, but I’m yet to find a better service than the Backblaze personal plan for very small media businesses. I use and rely on it personally, and am only recommending it after extensive professional use.

Use my link: to sign up for a free trial.

I personally use this base service as my only offsite backup for all of my personal and business files. As a filmmaker, I used to only back up my finished renders online in Google drive (which cost me more per year than Backblaze), but now I can just mirror my whole drives – and not worry about running out of space, as the plan is unlimited.

For anything more than about 32TB of storage, I would probably look at one of their business plans instead – but once you get to that stage and beyond you really need to be consulting a data storage specialist to discuss your IT needs.

Disclosure: If you decide to buy a subscription – I get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It really helps with offsetting the time put into content like the “Data Storage & Backups” video.

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