My actor is “Under Construction”.

Been a touch under the weather over the last week. Although that may be a gross understatement. In turn progress has been very slow. I have however locked down a floor plan for my set, so I am more or less ready for a trip out of town to visit my parents and use my fathers workshop for constructing a few things. I have also had the chance to do a fair bit of research whilst being sick, i.e; catching up on movie watching time. This week I want to get a good chunk of my pre-viz done in maya, so tomorrow will be spent creating a 3D prototype of the set.

Anyway, all that put aside, I have an armature which is for all intents and purposes complete. It needs a little tweaking as to joint tightness etc, but that will be an ongoing process. I’m also most of the way through sculpting the base of my characters head, which will be given a matressfoam neck and covered in a thin, tinted, layer of liquid latex. Hair will then be added (I’m going to use real human hair) and the eye lids will be sculpted in sets out of super sculpey and animatable in a replacement style. I’m not 100% sure yet as to how I will do the eyebrows yet, but I would like to use real hair for those also, Im just not sure how I will make them articulated without making them too thick. At this stage I am going to try a small piece of 1mm wire to which I attach some latex and subsequently hair. Perhaps I will drill two small holes into the characters brow from which to articulate them. The hands will be liquid latex build up.

Anyway, lots of work to catch up on.



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