Final Draft Complete – heavy pre-prod time

As some of you might know, I have been working toward a new stop motion short film project over the last few weeks. I have just completed a final shooting script that I am very happy with. It seems to be very important when doing animation to have a script you can absolutely lock down as it save a lot of unnecessary work.

The screenplay, working titled “Disappear”, is about a man who has locked his passion in life away in order to fit into a corporate paradigm. The story is about his decision to escape.

Its a very light hearted and stylized take on the subject matter, and I think it will translate over well to the medium.

Well, time for pre-production. Sets need to be built, puppets made. Not to mention the animatic, story boards, basic sound track laydown.

This year is gonna fly by.

I will endeavor to post weekly and let you guys know what I am up to. I will take some pictures along the way and try to upload some animation tests etc when I have them.



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