“Harrie has been incredible to work with. Having a gaffer from which I can bounce creative ideas off has made being on set so much more fulfilling.

I can also truly rely on Harrie to make sure the Lighting department is making safe and keeping on top of good practice, which makes all the difference on a fast paced set. Always look forward to jumping on set with Harrie.”

Isaac Newcombe

What struck me most after first meeting Harrie was his passion for filmmaking and the genuine care he brought to every aspect of prep and production. His expertise and collaborative nature made him an incredible asset to our team, as was his willingness to problem solve on the go.

Harrie is sharp, kind, and always happy to help others – qualities you need in a person during a long day on set. But what I respect the most about him, is the neverending pursuit of growing his skill set and being open to learning at every turn. I can’t wait to bring him onto my next production.

Rachel Fawcett
Lusty Productions

“Harrie was such an integral part of our crew and went above and beyond to make sure that our end product could achieve the lofty standards we were aiming for. His knowledge and skill set really impressed us all and his ability to adapt and improvise to achieve the goals we needed was definitely appreciated and commented on by other members of the production team.
On a personal level, Harrie was a great person to have on set for more than his technical expertise. He was friendly and helpful, outside of his expected duties and I would say has become a friend as well as someone who would be one of the first names on the team sheet for the next production we

Jaxin Hall
Producer / Actor

“Henrdikus De Vaan is the most passionate, hardworking, and eclectically skilled artist I have ever met. I cannot thank him enough for the distances he went to and pushing the project to another level. He is not only a brilliant collaborator, but a wonderful teacher as well and I learned from him greatly.

Brian Gill

“Harrie has worked with me on several different projects and has quickly become our go-to gaffer/grip.

He’s passionate, knowledgeable, talented and has great chat. Harrie’s the kind of guy who is doing the task before you even know to tell him to do it. I always know I’m in safe hands when he’s on a project, am I’m excited to see where he’s headed.”

Sara Chen

“Whilst tutoring I first met Hendrikus at the New Zealand Film and Television School where he showed an above average understanding of film making and commitment to the craft. I’ve watched Hendrikus over the past few years grow personally and push himself in film making, particularly Stop Motion where I think his excellent film “Disappear” shows his dedication, creativity, vision, skill and talent plus his ability to work around and solve problems where many would give up. Hendrikus is hard working, has a vision and would be an asset to any company.”

David Paul NZCS

“I had the pleasure of working with Harrie as a gaffer/grip on a music video recently. I would happily work with him again. The results were excellent and he is a very helpful, knowledgeable and positive presence on set.
In quick turnaround environments oftentimes we need to do things in a hurry and save time. It is during these testing times that a confident, experienced and friendly gaffer steadies the ship. Harry truly did that in our project and I can’t recommend him enough to other fellow DOP’s and producers. I look forward to working with him again and hopefully soon!

Pepe de Hoyos

“Hendrikus has focus and diligence. He has skilfully crafted a charming personal short. I am excited to watch this artist evolve & mature, and look forward to his next piece.”

Misha Klein
Animation Director

“I got aquatinted with Harrie through my friend Aleks Sakowski from Sakowski Studios NZ. I was looking for someone who could connect with my music, and help me create a cool visual for the first track ‘Silence Speaks’ off the new Scalper LP. Aleks suggested that I speak with Harrie. The Universal forces were definitely at work and we came to a mutually beneficial agreement to work together on the video based on our passion for our respective art. Harrie tuned into my ideas and vibration of Scalper seamlessly, and with his experience and knowledge of film we were able to work together in a lovely way. His chosen assistant was also very professional and supportive for the shoot. Harrie with his script planning, professionalism and attention to my lyrics in the music brought to light visually what I felt that the track was asking for. A true gentleman and a pleasure to know and work with is Hendrikus De Vaan. I hope to work with him again when fortune strikes me again.”


“I’ve worked with Harrie on a few projects, both hiring him for filming jobs, and with me acting as part of a commercial. Each time I am reminded of his professionalism, attention to detail, time management, and most importantly – his skill level. 

Harrie is immensely capable at his craft and you can see it by how much he enjoys what he does. I look forward to working with Harrie again in the future.”

Miro Sudžum
Marketing Manager – Wireless Nation
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