LUCA SZALMAS – Talking With Humans Podcast #5

  This week I catch up with my fiance’, and fellow creative professional, Luca Szalmas. We have a few drinks and discuss freelancing, art, and life.(Sorry about the audio quality of the video, it’s fixed in the audio only version) Luca’s work can be seen at Talking With Humans is hosted by Hendrikus DeContinue reading “LUCA SZALMAS – Talking With Humans Podcast #5”

MICHAEL FENTON – Talking With Humans Podcast #2

Michael Fenton is a scientist, a teacher, a teacher of teachers, and a very active member of the education community in New Zealand. This week we talk primarily about the state of education in NZ today, and the trajectory for the future. For more info on Michael: Talking With Humans is hostedContinue reading “MICHAEL FENTON – Talking With Humans Podcast #2”